About Us

We are a group of skilled professionals, that are deeply passionate about bringing out the best in peoples properties, with the best prices in the industry

The NAB Story

Birthed from a unique opportunity to assist his father with buying and flipping houses, NAB CEO Neil Walker was able to learn about each aspect of a build as well as grow his knowledge within the contracting realm. After 7 projects and just over 3 years, Neil decided to open up NAB Contractors in 2016 to assist theĀ  loyal staff he had acquired over that period. It wasn’t long before he started to build his portfolio, delivering the great service we see today.


Our vision from the outset of starting NAB was to provide excellent workmanship coupled with the best products at the lowest and most affordable rates to our clients. We aim to set the standard that clients can rely upon when carrying out work on their properties. By doing this we aim to provide our staff not just with the necessary job training and certification, but also in depth market related information which they can use to improve themselves and their own future prospects.


We base our main values around client satisfaction. As most of our current and past clients can attest to, we go above and beyond the call of duty to insure that the clients vision is realised and their best interests are always at heart.